Sunless Solutions Professional Spray Tan


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Sunless Solutions 8% DHA LIGHT leaves your skin with a natural golden tan, Ideal for Fair skin tones.


Sunless Solutions 10% MEDIUM, recommended for Fair to Medium skin tones. The intensity of this tan is deep tan but with a natural finish. For the client who wants to ?wear? her tan but without the fake finish. Development time is 8 hours from application


Sunless Solutions 12% DARK is for medium to olive skin tones. Ideal for the special night out, the little black dress, for the client who wants to see the results of a deep tone tan but without the fake tan experience.


SPRAY IT, FAKE IT, LOVE IT wearing a Sunless Solutions, Spray Tan. Spray, leave for up to 8 hours, wash off and love your natural looking sunless tan! Our tinted DHA solution is a superior tanning product developed using the latest technology to promote an original colour and a subsequent flawless natural looking tan. Together with DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), our solution contains Erythrulose which extends the life of a sunless tan, helps to combat the ?orange tone? associated with some sunless tanners and helps to create a dark uniform and natural looking tan without the undesired streaks! Our solution is combined with Aloe Vera which helps to moisturise the skin, as DHA can cause a slight drying effect. The green and white tea extracts add elasticity and create a sheen effect to the skin surface. Fragranced with Lemongrass which is fresh and zesty ? loved by both male and female clients.


Sunless Solutions RAPID can be used for light, medium and olive skin tones. The development time works slightly different. Spray your tan, leave for 1 hour to achieve a light tan, 2 hours for a medium tan, 3 hours for a deep intense tan. Once you have washed off the colour guide, you can carry on with your day or night and within 8 hours your Sunless Solutions Rapid tan has fully developed.

Rapid Spray Tanning Solution is designed to enable you to wash off the guide colour after 60 minutes, uniquely formulated to continue developing once the guide colour has been washed off. The unique DHA formulation penetrates the skin allowing you to wash off the guide colour in Just 60 minutes. Spray It, Wash it, Wear it all in 60 minutes!

Rapid Tan Contains natural Aloe Vera to moisturise and nourish skin, Paraben free and Fragranced with Lemongrass
Rapid tan is designed so that you can wash off the colour guide in 60 minutes ? you must allow 8 hours for the colour to fully develop. The Rapid Tan Solution comes in 1 Litre Size Only.

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8% Light, 10% Medium, 12% Dark, Rapid 60 Minutes