Halo Acrylic Trial Kit – Professional Acrylic System Trial Kit



Halo Acrylic Trial Kit contains all the essentials that you require to begin your journey to become a Nail Tech, this is also a perfect choice for busy Nail Techs. New Halo Acrylic is an advanced formula liquid and powder system made in the UK and developed with the needs of our busy Nail Techs in mind.

  • Made in the UK
  • Sifted and flow treated for a crystal clear finish
  • High clarity and brightness
  • Latest technology provides strength and durability
  • Dries to a velvet finish for less filing and super fine finish
  • Choice of monomers to suit your way of working
  • HEMA free formulas
  • Acid free┬áPrimer

Pure Nails Halo Acrylic Trial Kit contains:

  • Halo Acrylic Liquid (30ml).
  • Halo Pro Acrylic Liquid (30ml).
  • Halo Mega Bond (7ml).
  • Halo Acrylic Powder Clear (7g).
  • Halo Acrylic Powder Cover Pink (7g).
  • Halo Acrylic Powder Cover Peach (7g).
  • Halo Acrylic Powder Pink (7g).
  • Halo Acrylic Powder Blush Pink (7g).
  • Halo Acrylic Powder White (7g).