L’Oreal DiaRichesse


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L’Or?al Diarichesse is L’Or?al’s next generation demi-permanent hair colour. It?s advanced alkaline technology offer rich, deep reflects and incredible softness, ideal for natural or colour-treated hair. The ammonia free tone-on-tone colour gives up to 70% white coverage, lightening up to 1.5 levels and darkening up to 4.

Diarichesse colours develop in just 20 minutes and fade away discreetly over time. Perfect for those clients who are new to colouring or those looking for a gentle refresh of their existing colour.

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1 Black, 3 Dark Brown, 4 Brown, 5 Light Brown, 6 Dark Blonde, 7 Blonde, 8 Light Blonde, Clear, 2.10 Intense Darkest Ash Brown, 3.00 Deep Dark Natural Brown, 4.01 Natural Ash Brown, 4.15 Chocolate, 4.20 Iridescent Burgundy, 4.62 Amaryllis (DM5), 5.12 Blueberry Chestnut, 5.13 Chestnut, 5.15 Frosted Chestnut, 5.25 Iced Chestnut, 5.31 Praline Chestnut, 5.32 Coffee Brown, 5.35 Chestnut Brown, 5.52 Light Mahogany Iridescent Brown, 5.54 Intense Mahogany (Rubilane), 6.01 Dark Natural Ash Blonde, 6.02 Dark Natural Iridescent Blonde, 6.12 Dark Ash Iridescent Blonde, 6.13 Velvet Brown, 6.23 Hazlenut Honey, 6.34 Honey Chestnut, 6.35 Ice Tea Brown, 6.40 Intense Copper Blonde (Rubilane), 6.53 Cognac Brown, 7.01 Natural Cool Blonde, 7.13 Natural Honey Blonde, 7.23 Toffee Cream, 7.24 Pearl Honey Blonde, 7.30 Gold Blonde, 7.31 Honey Vanilla, 7.32 Iridescent Honey Blonde, 8.02 Light Pearl Blonde, 8.31 Golden Biege, 9.31 Light Beige Blonde