L’Oreal DiaLight


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Loreal DiaLight Hair Colour 50ml

This is a professional hair colour and should only be used by professional qualified hairdressers.
We recommend skin and allergy testing before use.
By purchasing this item you understand that this item can only be used by professional hairdressers and that you accept full liability of usage.
Please choose your colour from the list.

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4 Brown, 4.15 Ash Mahogany Brown, 4.20 Intense Iridescent Brown, 4.65 Red Mahogany Brown, 5 Light Brown, 5.31 Light Golden Ash Brown, 5.35 Light Golden Mahogany Brown, 5.52 Light Mahogany Iridescent Brown, 5.66 Light Ext Red Brown (Rubilane/DM5), 6 Dark Blonde, 6.13 Dark Ash Gold Blonde, 6.3 Dark Golden Blonde, 6.34 Dark Gold Copper Blonde, 7 Blonde, 7.31 Gold Ash Blonde, 7.43 Copper Golden Blonde, 8 Light Blonde, 8.3 Light Golden Blonde, 8.34 Light Gold Copper Blonde, 9.01 Iced Milkshake, 9.02 Pearl Milkshake, 9.03 Natural Gold Milkshake, 9.3 Very Light Golden Blonde, 9.13 Very Light Ash Gold Blonde, 10.12 Frosty Pearl Milkshake, 10.13 Golden Iced Milkshake, Clear