Victorious Individual Lashes


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New & improved VICTORUS 1 X SERIES, Is 20% more thicker & fuller than our original VICTORUS ULTRA FLARE FALSE EYELASHES,

After  tremendous success with our original Individual flare eyelashes ULTRA THICK TYPE,we decided to take it a step further by creating a NEWER AND IMPROVED VERSION which is 20% MORE FULLER AND THICKER than our original version  Individual flare eyelashes ULTRA THICK TYPE

Using our new & improved Victorus individual flare eyelashes 1X SERIES ultra thick type they are much more fuller,more thicker and, are much quicker to apply than our  Individual ultra thick type, the result is breath taken less than 8 MINUTES to fix them for a fuller lash effect, & it makes your  eyelashes look very  desireable and  fuller giving your eyelashes the WOW FACTOR you desire and long for , with it virtually light feather weight and  with its softer texture  it will feel just  like your own natural lashes.when you have these individual flare eyelashes 1 x series ultra thick type on

A must for every lady of beauty and desire to have breath taking eyelash extensions on..

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